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FAQ on eyeSlices

  1. How long do they last once opened?

    About two weeks! If you store them well sealed in their original containers in a cool place or fridge, they should last you even longer!


  2. How many times can I use my eyeSlices?

    About 5 uses of ten minutes each! Remember to use your eyeSlices® in a cool environment (not outdoors or in the sun) and store them well sealed in their original containers.

  3. They look like cucumber slices! Do they contain cucumber?

    No eyeSlices® do not contain cucumber extract. Research shows that a lot of people are allergic to cucumber and that's why we opted for Aloe extract instead. Aloe is a natural, soothing and calming plant and so far we have not yet come across someone who is allergic to aloe! eyeSlices® are simply likened to HI-TECH cucumber slices.

  4. Can I share my eyeSlices?

    You won't want to share your eyeSlices® with anyone. We have heard sharing of eyeSlices® have caused family feuds! Countless sob stories have made their way back to us of teens stealing them out of mom's cupboard for their bubble bath moment...mom was NOT happy! Also remember that although you can rinse your eyeSlices®, if someone has had an eye infection and used eyeSlices®, the infection will transfer to you! It's safer all round to have your own pair!

  5. How often should I use my eyeSlices?

    You'll find that you need to use your eyeSlices everyday for the first 2 weeks and after that as you need them. Preferably it would be ideal if you use it everyday, especially in extreme cases of dark circles, puffiness and if you suffer from constant allergies.

  6. How long until I see results?

    Some people experience instant results. In extreme cases of dark circles and puffiness you might only see results after 4 weeks of use.

  7. Can I freeze my eyeSlices?

    No. Due to the way the technology has been designed, your eyeSlices® will become rubbery when you place it in the freezer.

  8. How do I clean my eyeSlices?

    You can rinse your eyeSlices® after every use before replacing them back into their containers. However, your eyeSlices has a natural anti-bacterial ingredient that keeps them bacteria-free!

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