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Quotes The sleepless nights from looking after my new born baby has had a shocking effect on my eyes! I was recommended to eyeSlices by a friend and to say i am pleased is an understatement! I really look forward to my 10 minutes of me time and at last...a product for those bags under my eyes that actually works! thank you eyeSlices! Quotes
P. Raven- Dunstable , Beds, UK

Quotes Dear Kerryne,I am 50 yrs young and blessed with a good skin, but tend to get puffy eyes in the morning. My routine is that I normally put the dog out at 5am and then I take the slices and rinse them in cold water. I put them on my eyes and over that I place one of the Woolworths white bands so that they stay in the correct place and go back to sleep until 7am. When I get up I have no puffy eyes. I rinse them again and keep the set in the bathroom. Quotes
Christine Taljard - Bloemfontein, South Africa

Quotes When my therapist suggested me using the eyeSlices in conjunction with my eye cream to get rid of my dark circles I thought it was another sales gimmick. I am in IT and sit in front of a computer for almost 14hours, that?s home and work. Added to this is the fact that I wear contact lenses and sit in an air conditioned office. But since I have started religiously using the eyeSlices, my eyes feel calmer - not has much irritation and the dark circles have lightened. This may sound corny but its eye candy for sure!!! Quotes
Heather Pillay, UK

Quotes Would you believe I only got a chance to try your eye slices on Wednesday morning? Wow...seriously, they're gorgeous and "sit" so nicely and firmly on the eyes! I felt so refreshed and renewed afterwards (and my eyes - and general eye area - were in a mess when I woke up). Fantastic! Quotes
Claudia Kotzen, South Africa

Quotes I used the eyeSlices for five nights for ten minutes at a time and could see a difference virtually immediately after just a couple of uses. My eyes felt refreshed almost immediately and I would definitely recommend eyeSlices for refreshing tired and puffy eyes. Quotes
Michelle Hafez, Wigan Courier, UK