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eyeSlices Profesonal the best invention since sliced bread

The wow factor

eyeSlices® is about exploring the world and yourself within it…..its about the “WOW” factor….it’s about storytelling….it’s about the encounter with oneself…..it’s about defining who you are as a person, because everyday you take the time to relax, restore and revive…it’s about leaving you with the “I want more mindset”…..it’s not just all about satisfied customers, its about customers who feel like they belong to a club….it’s about beingdelighted…it’s about waking up and realising that it is “Showtime” every time…..it’s about putting your best foot forward…..it’s aboutloving and caring for yourself……it’s about owning the pale shade of olive green…..it’s about making the complicated lifesimple…...it’s about a great story that needs to be told in every language on every continent….its about helping you make meaning……it’s about answering questions that you haven’t asked because you have never had the time….it’s about excellence……it’s aboutpassion……it’s about the worlds biggest trend….Wellness…..it’s aboutrelationships….it’s about sharing and embracing a joint venture…it’s about new business, new markets and new opportunities…..it’s aboutexcitement epidemics…..it’s about changing the world…!!


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Globally Patented

An eye on Innovation

Post-permanent Make-up
Post permanent make-up applications, eyeSlices® helps to soothe and calm inflamed or irritated skin whilst reducing puffiness and irritations around the eye area.

Looking great in your salon

eyeSlices® Professional have specifically been designed for Beauty Salon and Spa use. We offer professional therapists:

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  • A beautiful counter stand to display your stock
  • Classy brochures - a great tool to promote eyeSlices® with
  • Unique shaped posters that attract attention
  • In-salon disposable eyeSlices® for in-treatment use with a wall dispenser for treatment room
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SA Patent 93/4206; PCT/IB2006/00354
eyeSlices® is a registered Trade Mark: 2005/12251; 2005/12252; 2005/12253
SA Functional Design F2007/00319 ; SA Aesthetic    Design A2007/00318

Product Information Dossier:

Elms.RG20 8RT.UK

International patents, design registrations, trade       marks and copyright © 2005 I-Slices Innovations Pty (Ltd)       

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The eyeSlices® products is an innovative creation from iSlices™ Innovation - the natural essence of nature combined with bio-innovation to bring about a solution to all common eye concerns. 

Advanced Technology

eyeSlices® is a global first in cryogel polymertechnology, a dermal delivery system that helps to reduce th appearance of puffiness, dark circles,wrinkles, tiredness and redness within minutes of use.

Unique Benefits

  • Instant cooling sensation without a fridge!
  • Thermo-gymnastics effect on the skin stimulating circulation.
  • Re-usable up to 10 times.
  • Natural & non-toxic manufacturing process.
  • Soothing sensation & comfort of us

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